Now be defiant, the lion

The name is Christian. I'm a third year Communication Design Major at CSUMB Student.
Monterey, CA. 20. Single. Cyclist. One Among the Fence. Skype: CSBarbosa64 IG: Sentry11

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The Four + Their Patrons

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date you? i thought you said ‘cremate you’ hahaah what a hilarious misunderstanding. *pile of ashes does not respond*

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Artist: Biggie Smalls
Track: Suicidal Thoughts
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"I believe the sacrifices in life
Give more than they take"

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Have you ever listened to a song and its made you want to drop kick a baby in to a pit of fire and dirty needles?

I have.

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Claudio Sanchez. The ultimate man crush monday.

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on that note, Coheed and Cambria is one of my fav bands ever in existence………………………. .

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make me choose • reedusdixons asked Maggie Greene or Beth Greene?

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Artist: The Prize Fighter Inferno
Track: Easter
Album: My Brother's Blood Machine
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Sail it ‘til Sunday, just ‘til the evening’s grey…

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